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Transcending african narratives from East Africa to the world

Tina Ardor is a singer, songwriter, composer and DJ based in Nairobi, Kenya. Music has always been an integral part of her life since childhood, and performance through song and dance an innate gift. Born and raised in an African setting and surrounded by 44 Kenyan tribes, Tina Ardor draws great inspiration in her creativity from the linguistic diversity of these cultural groups. Thus, she is known for her enthusiastic capability to incorporate an array of local dialects in her music. With this, she aims to transcend different African narratives to the world in an authentic yet modern fusion of afro rhythmic melodies and beats.

Tina's Work


Feeding off the African spirit, Tina Ardor has collaborated with different artists/producers from around the world on various musical works. In 2023, Tina Ardor releases two stellar remixes of her single “Kamweretho” from Coflo (Deep and Soulful mixes) and a classic remix from the legendary Manoo in 2023.

Tina Ardor closes out her year with a bang. Releasing the highly anticipated afrohouse groover “Gīcae” with DJ Tomer & Ricardo [NY] and Kumkani [SA] on Connected records. Her latest single, “I’ll Be There”, is a mesmerising deep house collaboration with legendary South African DJ/producer DJ Sbu. The song’s enchanting groove and vocals is accompanied by a breathtaking music video shot in Kenya by the duo. DJ Sbu and Tina Ardor are set to release more music in 2023.


Other honorable collaborations include

Other honorable collaborations include music with Mr Eclectic [USA], Stan Zeff [USA], MoIsh [SA], Chaleee [NL], Trekkah [UK], Dino & Terry [CA], Caiiro [SA], Antonio Ocasio [USA], Atmos Blaq [SA], Euggy [KE] and Foozak [KE] among others. Check out her catalogue for more singles and features in 2023!

behind the music

February 2024

CREATE - Tina Ardor & Hendrick Sam

MIGATI Music’s debut single, ‘CREATE,’ is a soul-stirring collaboration between the enchanting singer/songwriter Tina Ardor and the masterful producer Hendrick Sam, both from Nairobi, Kenya. This electrifying anthem delves into the struggles of conformity and the relentless pursuit of self-expression. The single defies traditional genre boundaries, seamlessly blending Afrohouse, 3-step, and Amapiano elements, a move by the composers to intentionally steer away from conventional genres. ‘CREATE’ captivates a listener with its intense beat, featuring a robust kick, orchestral sounds, rhythmic chanting, and echoes of the word ‘create,’ symbolizing the societal pressure on artists to keep churning music. Tina Ardor’s vocals add a compelling dynamic, transitioning from soulful verses to a commanding presence in the hooks, amplifying the song’s emotional depth.

September 2023

“I’ll Be There” is a mesmerizing Deep House and first-ever collaboration by the duo of South African DJ Sbu and the singer Tina Ardor from Kenya. Produced by DJ Sbu, Abey Mosito Ndala and Lunga Nombewu of Baainar Records, this track showcases Tina Ardor’s sultry vocals as she delivers a heartfelt profession of loyalty and commitment, drawing inspiration from the timeless story of Ruth and Naomi in the Bible. With lyrics echoing the promise “wherever you will go, I will follow,” Tina’s enchanting voice transports listeners to a haven of auditory bliss.

September 2023

DJ Tomer & Ricardo Tina ardor

This accomplished collaborative team of DJ Tomer & Ricardo [NY], Tina Ardor and Kumkani [SA] cooks up ‘Gicae’ (VooDoo Tribe Mix), a stunning Afro house sound that steers you deep into the night. It has spiritual vocals that rouse the heart, and
majestic chords full of soul. There is subtle drama to the arrangement that really sweeps the dance floor off its feet and plenty of authentic African vocal stylings that truly stand it apart.
This is an innovative and emotive Afro house track from some of the best in the game right now.

June 2023

This remarkable collaboration sees Manoo bring his masterful touch to the already captivating track by Tina Ardor, Atmos Blaq, and Hendrick Sam.
Manoo’s illustrious career and unparalleled artistry have solidified his status as a legend within the electronic music realm. His contributions to the French House scene and his ability to infuse deep, soulful elements have earned him unwavering acclaim from music enthusiasts worldwide. Pasqua Records is honored to have Manoo grace ‘Kamweretho’ with his unique and mesmerizing remix.

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