Tina Ardor

Singer Songwriter Composer DJ


Singer Songwriter Composer DJ

Transcending african narratives from East Africa to the world

Tina Ardor is a singer, song writer and composer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Music has always been an integral part of her life since childhood and performance through song and dance an innate gift. Born and raised in an African setting and surrounded by 44 Kenyan tribes, Tina Ardor draws great inspiration in her creativity from the linguistic diversity of these cultural groups. Thus, she is known for her enthusiastic capability to incorporate an array of local dialects in her music. With this, she aims to transcend different African narratives to the world in an authentic and yet modern fusion of afro rhythmic melodies and beats.

Tina's Work


Feeding off the African spirit, Tina Ardor has collaborated with different artists/producers from around the world on various musical works. Tina Ardor released her debut single dubbed ‘Bukhula’ in February 2020 and ‘Mulange’ later in February 2021 [produced by Gumz]. Tina drops her newest single ‘Kamweretho’ in May 2022 in a powerful collaboration with Atmos Blaq [SA] and Hendrick Sam [KE] under Pasqua Records.


Other honorable collaborations include

Other honorable collaborations include music with Mr. Eclectic [USA], Stan Zeff [USA], Gumz [SA], MoIsh [SA], Saint Evo [KE], Freddy Da Stupid [MZ], Chaleee [NL], Shredder SA [SA], Thab de Soul [SA], Trekkah [UK], Dino & Terry [CA] and Caiiro [SA] among others. Stay tuned for new singles and features in 2022!

Tina Ardor has released her work with great labels such as Arawakan Records (USA), Merecumbe Recordings (NY, USA), MoBlack Records [IT], Pasqua Records (Maryland, USA), Tambor Music (Georgia, USA), Celsius Degree Records (KE), Union Records (Italy), Connected Frontline (DE) and Inward Records.

behind the music

August 2022

The Dreamer Vol.5.
Tina Ardor X Tefo Fox


Tefo foxx featuring Tina Ardor

Another new release from Tina Ardor and Botswana producer Tefo Foxx in his new Ep, The Dreamer Vol.5. ‘Spirit’ (capital ‘S’) is a musical prayer to the Holy Spirit. It is a believer’s humble confession in the faith and a spiritually uplifting prayer for guidance and strength from the Comforter. Tefo Foxx delivers pure afro flavor with captivating drums, percussion and chord progression in the song. This is a definite dance hit in dancefloors across the world.

August 2022


Jabzz Dimitri featuring Tina Ardor

Jabzz Dimitri’s new Fumbo EP featuring Tina Ardor on the Swahili written song “Fumbo”, meaning “riddle/puzzle”.

The song as sang by Tina reiterates the importance of exercising wisdom and knowledge on when to speak and when to be silent. “Fumbo mfumbie” is the first line sang by Tina, coined from the Swahili saying “fumbo mfumbie mjinga, mwerevu hulitatua” translated (riddle a foolish person because a smart person will solve it).

MAY 2022

Pasqua records


Tina Ardor & Atmos Blaq featuring Hendrick Sam

“Kamweretho” is a Kikuyu celebration of parents by their children seeking forgiveness and blessings. Tina Ardor teams up with ‘Mr Atmospheric’, Atmos Blaq (South Africa) along with renown ‘Keyboard Whisperer’ and Kenyan producer Hendrick Sam to bring you two versions of a beautiful composition. The first, a Soul Reprise mix layered with only keys and the enchanting vocals of Tina Ardor and an Original Mix. It is a powerful dose of blazing hot spring/summertime heat. The trio create an amazing production with driving bass, superb musicianship, and tightly woven arrangements, meticulously designed to make your head nod, feet tap, and body groove. Paired perfectly with the sultry voice of Tina Ardor, this track will have you feeling every emotion she sings. It will undoubtedly be a favorite with DJs and dancers across the world.

~ Pasqua Records

MAY 2022

Caiiro feat. Tina Ardor

Caiiro is an Afro-House, Afro-Tech, Deep-Tech DJ, Producer & Remixer from South Africa. He was born in a tribalistic & Cultural Village of Thembalethu deep in the KwaNdebele region of Mpumalanga, which has had great influence on his sound. Having travelled the globe, He has discovered that through the different places & cultures we originate from there is one universal language and that is Music.

Caiiro drops his new heavyweight album, Pyramids including ‘Njoke Njuge’ with Tina’s sultry vocals.

MAY 2022


MGM feat. Tina Ardor & Nelix

MGM Kenya releases his debut EP dubbed ‘My Element’ featuring talented producers and artists from Kenya and beyond. ‘My Element’ is a personal expression of MGM’s style of music and his love for Amapiano’s catchy beats and grooves. Earthy elements and tribal chanting welcomes you in the ‘Intro’ of the Ep as you ease into the soulful and heartwarming melodies of KOB SA, Vivian Olang and Mike Muema’s ‘Enough’. MGM also features the vocals of Afro House Queen, Tina Ardor in ‘Calling’ with Nelix (TZ) on co-production. Sineti’s feature on ‘Ishuu’ also models a fresh dose of musical ingenious. MGM completes the Ep with ‘Attitude’ with Mike Muema, a bonus track that speaks for itself for its thumping Gqom vibe and well constructed beat patterns.

“Penned by Kenyan-born Tina Ardor, Njaula Ibe is an emotional and heartfelt ode to a loved one. A deep and driving song for the dancefloor accented with Tina Ardor’s sweet voice. Dino and Terry’s signature production continues to build on and evolve their approach to SA-influenced house music. The final result is a memorable and touching work that is sure to have them grooving more than one continent!”
~ D&T Music


“We’re delighted to let MoIsh and Tina Ardor steer the wheel and take us on a deep 8:53 minutes sojourn to ‘Uga’. The South African producer’s and Kenyan vocalist’s reverent dance hymn is a collage of celestial soundscapes and earthly delights, inspired by divine devotion, ‘witikio’, but grounded in human touch. Warm percussion and poignant riffs usher Tina Ardor’s gripping vocals to distant realms that feel near in the heart while rousing drumming are peppered with lush tribal drums for a soulful Afro feel that lingers. The gradients of resonance in this track are sublime, allowing moist modulations and tender chords to penetrate deep. Tiga gwitigira! ‘Uga’ is hope, resounded in sonic vibrations, an acoustic sanctuary for bodies to unwind and souls to find solace in faith and in motion.”
~ Marie J Floro [MoBlack Records]

Live Performances

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